About Rapid Car Cash

When you think Sell My Car, Buy My Car, Cash for My Car or Sell Car we are here.

Rapid Car Cash is managed by experienced professionals in the automoble industry who have years experience buying used cars. Many car buying websites sell your information to car dealers so they can sell you another car. We will never share your information with anybody. At Rapid Car Cash We buy cars and that's all we do. When you want to sell your car we will buy your car.

Unlike other buying services that require you to bring your vehicle to them, our Rapid Car Cash buyer will come to you to buy your car.

We are local.  We have a buyer who resides in each of the locations we serve.

We are ethical and fair. We always treat you with the utmost courtesy and respect.

We offer you the following benefits vs. selling your car on your own:

You get paid immediately.  When you sell your car to an individual you often have to wait for the financing or insurance to be arranged. If either one of these falls through, as often happens, so does your sale. Rapid Car Cash will pay on the spot.

No advertising.  No cost of running newspaper or Internet ads to sell your car.

No wasted time, we come to you. No annoying phone calls or visits to your home. No unscroupulous people posing as "shoppers." No waiting for people to call you back while comparing your car with others. No bringing your car to some far away location.  When you want to sell your car we come ready to buy your car.

We pay off your loan. If you have an outstanding loan on your vehicle we will pay it off and give you our check for the difference. We will buy your car and get the title directly from your lender.

All sales are final. This is to your benefit! Usually when you see the statement "all sales are final'" you have reason to be cautious.  In this case you can be confident!  Once we complete the transaction to buy your car we will never come back to you and complain or try to re-negotiate the purchase.  We are experts in the car business and when we say "yes" it means YES and that's it!

No fees. We do not charge a fee for our service when you want to sell your car.

No paperwork hassles.  We are experts in completing the paperwork needed to conclude the sale.  We will take care of all the paperwork to sell your car.

Free advice.  In addition to buying your car when you want to sell your car we can give you helpful advice. How to avoid paying property taxes in the future. Cancelling your insurance.  Car buying tips and advice. Whatever you want to know about cars or the car industry, we can help.