Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get more money if I sell my car myself?

It is always possible you might get more money for your car if you sell it privately.  However you must take into consideration the cost of advertising, the time and effort that you will need to expend to find a buyer and the uncertaintiy about whether the buyer can obtain the necessary financing and insurance to complete the transaction. In most cases the amount of money we can pay you for your car will more than offset the cost of these factors.

How do I know if you are giving me a fair price for my car?

We will justify the price we are paying by giving you online tools to check the value of your car with Nationally known independent car valuation websites.  Keep in mind our price will most closely mirror the wholesale price,  but taking into consideration the time and money that you will be saving you will see that selling the car to us makes sense.

How can you pay me more for my car?

Rapid Car Cash has an extensive network of buyers.  Maximizing the value of a car is all about using expert knowledge to find a buyer for each car who will pay  the highest price.  Our buyers also include exporters because some cars are worth more on the export market than they are on the domestic market.  We can pay more for your car because of our experience and knowledge. 

Will you buy any car?

Yes. Every car has a value.  It does not matter how many miles or what condition your car is in. We even buy cars that are no longer running and we'll pay to have the car towed away.  Of course cars with lower mileage and cars in good condition are always worth more. 

What if I still owe money on my car?

It's not a problem.  We will pay off the exact amount that you owe and arrange to have your lender mail the title directly to Rapid Car Cash. Of course the payoff is deducted from the price we pay you.  If you happen to owe more money on your car than it is worth you will have to come up with the difference so that we can payoff your loan and obtain a clear title.

What if I don't have a title to my car?

There are two possible reasons you would not have a title.  One reason is that you still owe money on the car and the bank or finance company has your title.  In this case we will find our how much you owe and payoff your loan and get the title from your lender.  The other possible reason you don't have a title is that you may have lost or misplaced it.  In this case we will show you how to obtain a replacement title from the Motor Vehicle Department, but we cannot buy your car until you obtain the title.

What if my car is leased?

In most cases we can buy your car if it's is leased.  Your lease agreement mostly likely has a payoff option.  Once we determine the amount of your payoff option we can make you an offer on your car.  It may be possible that you can make a profit by selling us the car.  Generally if you sell us the car and you have over mileage charges or damage that you are responsible for these charges will be waived because the leasing company does not have to take the car back.  Selling the car to us may be a way to avoid these charges.

There are many cases where it is not economically feasable to sell your leased car and you'd be better off turning it in to the leasing company.  We can give you some guidance about what would be in your best interest.

How will you pay me?

Once we make an agreement with you and if the title is in order we will pay you immediately on the spot.

What should I do with my plates when I sell my car?

In most states should turn your plates in to the Motor Vehicle Department and get a receipt for them.  This will insure that your car will be removed from the property tax rolls.  You should save your receipt as proof that you sold the vehicle the event that you ever receive a property tax bill. Following is a list of states we do business in and their requirements for plates:

Connecticut - plates must be returned to Motor Vehicle Department

New York - plates must be returned to Motor Vehicle Department

Massachusetts - plate must be returned to Motor Vehicle Department

Ohio - plates can be destroyed and discarded.

Is there anything else I should do once I sell my car?

Yes.  You should call your insurance agent to cancel the insurance. You will either get a refund or stop future charges. Also you should check to see if you have any paid subscriptions like SIRIUS Radio or AAA that are associated with your vehicle and cancel those.


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