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Charity Navigator - There are many online fraudulent car donation schemes.  Charity Navigator is a website that ranks charities according to how much of the money they raise actually goes toward the cause the are representing.

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New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer Jay Bhatt gives Chapter 7 bankruptcy information. Sell car. Call for a free consultation. 

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Auto Repair & Service  Kerber Automotive in Upland, CA services foreign, domestic cars and light trucks.

Japanese, American & European Auto Repair Dana's Transmission specializes in transmission repair, auto maintenance, car tune up and more in Everett, Washington. 

Bill Carpenter Service Inc Local and long distance tractor trailer towing and repair.

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Automotive Internet Services  Rapid Car Cash is a division of Automotive Internet Services, LLC.   Many cars on the road have uncompleted recalls posing a danger to drivers, occupants and pedestrians.  Driven to make our roads safer.

National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.  The government agency charged with making autos safe.

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Selling a Car   Good article on  Sell Car

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Car Donation Scams   Did you know that most car donation offers on the Internet are for- profit scams.  The companies involved make a small annual donation to a charity and keep most of the profits for themselves.  If you want to support a charity you are better off selling your car yourself and donating the money to a legitimate charity of your choice. Sell car and then donate the proceeds yourself to a legitimate charity of your choice.  Life Insurance Rates has the Car insurance you're looking for 

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