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Jim Bernardi is President/CEO of AutoPro Training Solutions, an International Fixed Operations Training Solutions Company. Jim has over 30 years of expertise in the automotive industry and has held such positions as Dealer, General Manager, Administrator, Director of Operations, District Operations Manager, Parts and Service Director and Service Advisor. Jim is a guest writer for DFO Magazine, Dealer Communications Magazine, and Automotive Dealers Network. Jim has been asked through the years by dealers around the world to help them put his ideas to work in order to improve their bottom line. He has had dramatic success delivering uncompromising results & value to dealers. Jim is also Founder, Publisher and CEO of Automotive Dealers Network, a comprehensive automotive dealer network which provides an e-newsletter delivered to dealers, managers & personnel in over 49 countries.


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Valuable current information for anyone envolved in the automobile business. 


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According to the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA  over 25% of all vehicles on the road have uncompleted recalls that endanger drivers, occupants and other motorists and pedestrians.

Member dealers are committed to making our roads safer.