Rapid Car Cash came to my house, gave me about what I was looking for for my car, handed me a check and it was done.  They were a pleasure to deal with. Before I found out about Rapid Car Cash I had my car advertisied on the Internet and had some really scary people come to my house.  I'm glad I found you guys - you're great.

Mary D - Milford, CT

WOW! I wish I knew about this service years ago - I would have saved a lot of grief and aggravation.

John F. - Lubbock, Texas

I was in the process of purchasing a new car.  When I checked with Rapid Car Cash they offered me $300 more than my dealer did.  I was then able to go back to the dealer and negotiate a better deal for cash with no trade-in.

Carlos E. - Portchester, NY

I had my car listed on Craigslist.  What a horrible nightmare!  I had every dealer and wacko in the world calling and emailing me.  Then I found out about Rapid Car Cash - what a relief.  They bought my car for a fair price in one day.  Thank you.

Takeesha W. - Denver, Colorado

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